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Porter Case...

A New and Innovative Wonder!

It's a case, It's a tote, It's a Cart,...No, It's Porter Case!

by James G.W Fisher

It seems today that everybody is trying to outdo everyone else when it comes to product development, but every once in a while we come across someone who breaks the mold and creates a truly new and innovative product that the competition will soon afterwards duplicate to keep up.  Such is the case with Porter Case.

One of the biggest issues today in almost any industry when it comes to travel is how to handle your luggage.  Myself, I travel with an average of 4 BIG items of luggage per trip. One for clothes, one for camera equipment, briefcase, another for miscellaneous items, and yet another for my laptop and accessories.

In the picture to the right of this paragraph, you will see a perfect example of what I use, now including the Porter Case Elite, or should I say used to use. Thanks to the Porter Case, I now only need the Porter Case, and one big bag!

As I stated before, I now am down to two luggage pieces and in a recent show even strapped my associate's luggage on as well!  Best of all, the Porter Case is allowable for carry on with all airlines!  The smaller version will even fit under your seat!

Check this out!  In the Porter Case, I pack the following...

Contents of my Porter Case Elite:

• 3.3 Megapixel Digital Camera
• SLR Body
• 28-80 Macro zoom lens
• 70-210 Macro zoom lens
• Auto focus 35mm camera
• Flash unit and accessories
• High Speed Compact Flash memory cards
• Laptop computer
• 11 x 14 Wacom Digitizer Board
• Mouse
• All business paperwork, cell phone, and stapler

Innovation That Provides Diversity...

Innovation that provides diversity for a businessman is a vital factor. The Porter Case provides that innovation and diversity which is so needed today.  Just imagine a piece of luggage that works as a case, tote, and cart.  A product that is so diversified you can organize the internal area differently for the particular purpose you will be using it.

Example: I cover a photographic oriented trade show, and fill the majority of space with camera equipment.  I cover a IT Professional trade show, I use less camera equipment and make room for my Wacom tablet and peripheral equipment.  If I am doing a presentation at an event, I can have no camera equipment and insert my digital projector and accessories.  The combinations are endless!

As everyone knows, we look for nothing but the very latest in technology, products, and services to provide input for our readers.  This product truly makes the grade with us and Positive Image News is proud to formally endorse Porter Case products to the fullest degree!

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